Amy Doser

South Carolina

Yeah, that's right. I'm a dreamer. Always have been always will be. These days, my dreams have progressed to not quite so selfish aspirations. I've become a mother after kicking and fighting it my entire life. Joining the ranks of the greatest branch of women has been an honor for me and now I spend my days encouraging my sons' dreams and helping them grow. They are my career, my job, my responsibility, my love, my friends, my goals, and my world (although I do try to fit my husband in there somewhere).

I started this blog to chronicle my adventures down first time motherhood and have had huge success with it as well as with raising my boys.

Here's hoping for more years of puke covered shirts, snot infused hair (mine), chocolate laced kisses, and cuddles to warm a soul.

  • Work
    • SAHM at D & A Doser, LLC
  • Education
    • Master's Degree in Business Administration