Angela Doss

San Antonio, Texas

I have had more experience with life's lessons by the time I was 7 than most get in a lifetime. I am grateful for everyone of those lessons and everything I was exposed to at that time.. those lessons and those I am still learning make me the person I am today. People come in and out of our lives everyday... each with a purpose... each one with a lesson. My mother taught me what not to be... my aunt (other mother) taught me to be independent... my dad taught me to not rely on others as they may not always me there, my uncle (other dad) taught me to laugh and never give up. My sis taught me... family is still your family... My daughter taught me to be a child... my wife... she has taught me LOVE... understanding... compassion... and has given me a sense of security I never had. So all of these people have made me who I am...not to drink to much.. don't throw away your life... be independent,reliable, laughable, persistent, childish, loving, compassionate, understanding. I love who I am and the people I have in my life. I choose my friends wisely. I have many acquaintances... however, I am not naive and do not consider most people my friends. The few I do... mean the world to me and will always have loyalty from me. I love my family and would not give them up for anything. Over the past few years I have learned how easily God takes people from u. Cherish each moment... because you really don't know if its the last. I love you Mom.. Aunt Peggy.. and Uncle Marlin... may you rest in peace and be proud of the woman I am today. Baby thank you for your love, support and encouragement these past 9 yrs... I love you more than you will ever know.

  • Work
    • Mystic Park
  • Education
    • Jersey Village High School
    • Tarkington High School
    • Galen College of Nursing