Nilla Sari Ngaddi

Hello. The name is Nilla Ngaddi. A 14 going on 15 years old girl.

I am fond of writing (though I am not an expert yet) but I find myself drawn into words and am not willing to go up to the surface. I like reading quotes and novels. I do love listening to music and bathroom singing... just like almost every human being, I guess? !

I love eating and I like spending my own quality time with sweet coffee or tea and sweet cookies by my side. I am an extrovert who enjoys daydreaming. I am still seeking the creative side and the wild imagination of mine which are still hidden somewhere... so yeah, I am still chasing the pavements. But I'm not giving up.

I've got millions of heaven sent armed bodyguards around me. Don't mess with me. I'm untouchable.