Adrayhl Yates

Burlington, Ontario, Canada

I am a artist by heart, trade of expression, and desire. Painting & sculpting are a vessel for my emotions that eminate freely in my imagination, art is my control and my inspiration my freedom and my release. The celebration of energy as emotion, emotion as intuition and intuition as wisdom, may in a day to be give honor to life's insight and bring feelings alive on canvas, to learn to grow and develop by reflecting on ambition within the bounds of wisdom is all i've hoped to achieve by heart and desire. Now developing life's potential and fulfilling its journey in others i desire to provide these tools to reflect upon, in taste and decency, this is my next step. Thank you! To all who have assisted the begining of my travel's, may this begin a new journey, a new living toward eternity & a successful incarnation of self and personal potential. May we all grow, learn and begin to fulfill a fruit filled life out of the deeds given for each other in this beginning of a new day.

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