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Adrence Apong

Activist in Los Angeles, California

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When you fall in love, fall in love with their eyes, their smile, and the sound of their voice. Fall in love with someone who wants to know everything about you, your past and your future. Fall in love with someone who cannot only touch your body but your soul.

Fall for someone whose face lights up when they see you and they smile an honest smile showing they are truly happy to have laid eyes on you. Fall for someone who wants to know exactly how you like your coffee and how to make your favorite foods. Fall for someone whose very mention of their name brings a smile to your face and sense of calmness over your body.

Love the one who brings you happiness and a smile you cannot hide. Someone who makes you feel safe and secure. Love the person who you want to run to with every exciting or upsetting situation you encounter and is always there to listen and give your faith to keep going or get just as excited as you do. The one you miss the second they walk away.

Fall for the one who makes the world disappear when you're with them. Fall for the one no matter how hard you try, you just cannot say goodbye or get them out of your mind. Fall for the one who is not only your significant other but your best friend, confident, and other half.

Fall for the one who you do not just want to sleep with but wake up too.

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