Adria Bagdonavicius

Philadelphia, PA

What I do: I co-founded and currently lead a mobile application company that manages and optimizes internal hotel operations.

Why: It all started with searching for a misplaced housekeeper's vacuum for 5 hours while working within a hotel...


You shouldn't have to physically find people in a building with 20 floors and 500 rooms to ask them if they know where a vacuum is.

You should be able to ask your co-workers questions and have them understand what you are asking them.

Managers should know that it's taking 5 hours to find a vacuum so they can fix that problem.

There are many better (revenue generating) tasks I could have been doing for 5 hours.

Not knowing where supplies and people are throughout the day is not an uncommon issue in the hospitality industry.

I am thankful for that experience. It is what drove me to take the plunge into entrepreneurship.

  • Education
    • Drexel University (Entrepreneurship)