Adrian Bool

I grew up in Warrington, England; moving to Norwich in 1991 to attend the University of East Anglia studying Electronic Engineering.

My first real job was with U-NET - a start up ISP of which I was the first employee. That was a fun time!

Ten years later I moved to Spain, made an attempt to learn Spanish and met the lovely Yoo Jeong - now my wife.

Now back in Shrewsbury, England we have too excellent boys - Andreas and Jake

To keep the middle age spread at bay I attend the excellent Universal Martial Arts ITF Taekwon-do school. I've got to Blue Belt (4th Kup) so far - looking forward to eventually getting to Black Belt!

I'm spending my working time with IPv6 - the new basis of the Internet - these days. I created IPv6 Exchange to help people share their knowledge of IPv6 and professionally I set up Network Revolution to provide IPv6 consulting and services.