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Adrian L. H. Graham

Religious Professional in Baltimore, Maryland

Adrian L. H. Graham

Religious Professional in Baltimore, Maryland

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Amateur Linguist, Amateur Musician, Amateur Theologian...Professional Amateur

Welcome to my hub on the interwebs!

A little about my background: I was born in Miami, raised in the NYC metro area of northern New Jersey, and have lived just up the road from our nation's capital in Baltimore for over a decade. I enjoy spending quality time with my husband, Joel, and trying to tame our unintentionally calamitous cat, Loki. I don't remember learning how to read - I just know that I have always had a voracious appetite for the written (and spoken) word.

I have a lifelong love for learning, and pretty much married myself to language study and music performance from a very early age. I speak French as a second language and have studied many others, primarily in the Indo-European language family, such as German and the constructed language Esperanto. I play keyboard and woodwind instruments, mainly piano and saxophone; but I have been known to sing my heart out at home and in church.

I have always loved Nature, I have a complicated history with God, and a holistic view of the intersections of religion and science. I am a Uvangelist sharing Unitarian Universalism with all. A lay leader for many years, I most recently completed a term as Board Secretary for my UU congregation and helped to revitalize our Adult Religious Education Committee before becoming a paid Religious Professional.

I am an ENFP according to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, with strong 'I' tendencies. After a decade working for symphony orchestras and breathing classical music, I have been working for progressive religious institutions in the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area for the past several years. I am hoping that, despite the substantial commute between Baltimore and D.C., I can find the focused time I need to do more reading, writing, and meditating on life.

You can find me around the web mostly as UUXMNR, but also as ExPluribusUnum (EPU) and lingvamanto.