Adrian Scholz

I started programming before i went to school, before i could even write. Back than i had to draw on the datasette what kind of programs are on it.

Later i created my own games in BASIC and later in Assembler. That was actually my career path. I wanted to create my own games.

This path changed in school, maybe in 9th grad. When the math teacher taught everyone how to create a simple program to solve a function, i created my own program which was able to solve any function and showed them graphical on the screen. From that moment i abandoned creating games and focused on software in generell.

When i had my first job as a junior consult, i heard someone about me that i am just a junior, but for this i was way too good.

Today i focused on creating software on a professional level. For me this means:

writing documentation

creating unit-test

using TDD in generall

creating clean/understandable code

reading/learning about new technology

using code convention