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Adrian Hope Seltzer

Adrian Hope Seltzer

Are you tired of trying online recipes only to have them fail? Are you tired of wasting your time and money? My name is Adrian Hope Seltzer and I am a cooking teacher, blogger and aspiring food scientist. Using my passion for food, humor and motto—If at first you don’t succeed, improvise—I simplify the culinary skills needed to make good cooking accessible to you.After graduating college, I decided to take French cooking lessons and fell in love with the art of cooking. I learned from chefs, cookbook authors, and food scientists. My cousin and I then started a catering business. A few years later, I began to teach at Main Line School Night, where I have been teaching for over 30 years. I just received my certificate of completion for the Food & Science course at Harvard X, and my studies are continuing in the areas of modernist cuisine and sous vide cooking.

My other interests include gardening (I take care of the enchanted forest, herb and veggie gardens around my home.), annoying politicians, knitting and yoga. I enjoy teaching kids because learning to cook sneaks in life skills: how to follow directions, how to measure and other math skills, and science, all of which benefit them long term.
Here at my website, you will find what you need to know BEFORE you start one of those thousands of recipes you find online. (Many will never work, so don’t think it is just you.) Shown are all kinds of tips, techniques, and recipes that you can use to make cooking easier, more fun, and of course, delicious. Since life should be 80% musical comedy and 20% drama, take a personal culinary journey with me to become a more capable and confident cook so you can keep those musical comedy numbers up.
To receive even more tips and techniques, please follow me on Twitter (@cre8ov) and like my Facebook page Creative Tips & Techniques to Make Everything Delicious.

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