Adrian Teh

Code, chess, and streetart in Sydney Australia

Adrian Teh

Code, chess, and streetart in Sydney Australia

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"for the love of code, i code.." a ^= b, b ^= a, a ^= b;

჻ I am a software engineer by day, a food ninja by night and I live a secret identity of an artist who plays chess wherever the calling may be. All of this happens while tapping and humming to indie rock.

჻ I had lead, been part of, create fun, small to large teams of developers and engineers in a grandeur mission to make an impact in society.

჻ I've received three minor awards in two industries to date.

჻ I hold a BSc in Computer Science from University of New South Wales (UNSW) with a passion for learning, knowledge-sharing.

჻ I webspeak in different levels for Javascript, Java, PHP, C, Obj-C, Perl and English.

჻ I was a member of Apple University Consortium (AUC) with additional training includes leadership programs, AUC (Unity, iOS, Python, Ruby, Cocoa and REALBasic) courses.

჻ I have trained in Malaysia for Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games) from 1999 to 2003 in under-21, snooker division-e of Selangor.

჻ I've travelled to Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, China/Hong Kong ( before 97' ), UAE, Austria, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Monaco, Vatican City, Spain, Australia, New Zealand and England just to try different beers, eat awesome food and in search of street art.

჻ Travel wish list: India, Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam.

❝ What I doing > 2016? Creative writing, contribute to personal and open source projects.

  • Work
    • Code crafting under the stairs
  • Education
    • University of New South Wales