Adrian Aragona

Possessing a deep knowledge of the automotive retail industry, Adrian Aragona has been serving as a consultant, trainer, and coach to automotive dealerships for more than 15 years. He started his career at an automotive dealership in 1984 and gained firsthand experience in virtually every aspect of dealership operations, including sales, marketing, and management.

In 1996, Adrian Aragona utilized his diverse knowledge of the industry to begin consulting and training automotive dealership professionals. Working in conjunction with some of the most prominent auto dealers in the world, he has taught courses on all aspects ranging from e-Commerce to introductory sales techniques. During his time as a trainer and consultant, Aragona has served as a Lead Facilitator, Project Manager, and Subject Matter Expert.

Aside from his consulting work, Adrian Aragona established the National Dealership Process Platform in Canada. The program, which aims to improve all facets of dealership operations, taught participants how to improve service, facility standards, and employee training.