Adrian Fern

Originally from Cheltenham in Gloucestershire, I moved to Cardiff in the early eighties when my dad changed jobs. On leaving school, I got a degree in Computing and started working for the Natural Environment Research Council, Research Vessel Services. For over a decade, I developed and built oceanographic data collection and processing systems, taking them to sea around the world on the UK Royal Research Ship fleet. After getting married I took a job “on the beach” and started working in Telecommunications OSS and BSS development, subsequently becoming a BI specialist. I’m now engaged as Principal Technical Architect with BT Innovate & Design, working for the Enterprise Information Platform, building enterprise class data warehouses, data repositories and exploitation systems. Having enjoyed living in Cardiff and Southampton, I’m now contentedly back in Gloucestershire with my wife and 2 children (and a 9’ clinker-ply lug rigged dinghy that we sail on a lake in the Cotswold Water Park).