Adrian Williams

Have you seen that flick: This Boy's Life?? similar story really, well the name's could say I'm an out of the box individual, I like to kick back and observe my surroundings...I sometimes can be outspoken but at the same time I'm a good listener...I LOVE random questions, I try to be as open minded about things as I can...Best Features: like I said before, it aint changing, my pinky toe is the best! the one on my right foot!

My MUSIC taste is a little bit of everything minus country, screamo, any kind of thrash metal...I've recently started listening to Jet City...recommend u listen to Jet City ft Marvel Inc - Swagg Stay Killin <<< DOPE!! I'm not huge into reading but my favourite book by far was 'Public Enemy No1' by Wensley Clarkson :) I haven't read the twilight books yet but I really want to :) SOON!!

Committed in relationships; if you aint that committed type & just wana hit & quit then don't bother...that f*cks with niggaz minds lol I know exactly what I want. I will be the first person to tell you that you can do anything you believe in by working hard!

I follow my heart instead of my head (well only sometimes lol) I have high expectations and I set unrealistic goals and achieve them, I see it as this; life is as open to ideas and goals as you make it

I will love without holding back if I find someone worth loving...I'm not perfect, you're not either...I try not to believe what I hear about people...I believe in second chances and I believe that everything happens for a reason...I try to fill my life with people, so talk to me, it'd be great to know you

Dreams: I wana be a 7 legged dinosaur that can sing and dance, with teeth made of platinum, and can breathe fire, and fly away, and see through walls, and be able to be at 35 places at one time...I also dream that one day we will have a teleportation device, so I can come into your house while you're gone and eat your cake...I like cake, dont you like cake?? cake is good