Adriana Facundo

Detroit, MI


I am in my final year of my Masters program for Student Affairs, a field full of people dedicated to ensuring students believe they have the power to create positive change. Through my commitment to social justice, I also will continue to serve as an advocate for those students who have social and institutional barriers set against them. If I can remove those barriers before the students even realize they are there, I am doing my job.

While my first two passions lie in serving and learning in the world around me, both of these are achieved through my third passion of traveling. However, these passions would not have been realized without the opportunities provided to me through higher education; an opportunity I hope to have a say in providing to many others for the years to come. In providing welcoming and inclusive environments to all students, they will realize they have all the resources needed to create their own unique, fullfilling, college experience.

  • Work
    • Student Engagement Coordinator
  • Education
    • Aquinas College, 2012
    • Eastern Michigan University, 2014