Adriana S. Gálvez

Student, Artist, and Designer in Panamá

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Dancer, Musician, Creative, Human Being, Proactive, Reader, Panamanian, Young , Positive, Open Minded, Futurist, Dreamer, International, Profesional, Charismatic, Woman, Daughter, Leader, ALL I CAN BE!

My name is Adriana and I love the music, the dogs and all the small things. I am a simple person who makes decisions to achieve my goals.

Now, If you want to know about my work or professional experience, let me write something about that. I would prefer say life experience and appreciate the learning and the satisfaction of doing something of every taken decision.

I worked in 5 different places.

The first job was like a dancing instructor, specialist in salsa for children; that is when I discover my charismatic personality with a kind of success to manage children.

The second was an English Student, that wasn't a real job but I learned English, punctuality and they paid me.

The third, I was a Bilingüal Receptionist just for 2 weeks in 2 consecutive years and I learned how to transfer calls and be a helpful person for my team. It is incredible how many awesome people I met in this place; they were like a family for me.

The fourth, was in Mcdonalds most of the time I used to be the cashier and take the orders. I made many things in this job and learned how to be fast like "Speedy Gonzales" . I can not forget my first day because was astonishment about how many times I said "Thank You" and "Your Welcome". The most important part is, that I really enjoyed the interaction with the people and create the golden moments as we used to say.

The fifth and last job, is like a Customer Service representative. I can be really patient with my customers and be with them like an hour helping out just because they are finding my help. Does not matter if I´m talking on the phone, we always should keep our smiles and the people will be feel comfortable; I´m talking about the clients and either, all the people around me.

This are my experiences and I really enjoyed it. Does not matter the position.

I do not want to make of this a long text, so Thank you so much for your time.