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Adriana Marina

PhD Economics. Researcher about inequality, poverty and growth. Grad. in Systems Analysis. Founder of animaná, Foro de Moda Ética Latinoamérica (Ethical Fashion Forum Latin America) and Hecho Por Nosotros.-

Adriana Marina was born in Patagonia, land of sheep and guanacos, where she coexisted with communities of Tehuelches and Mapuches, learning first hand about artisan culture and the natural fibers they use.

After studying Information Systems and Economics in Buenos Aires, Adriana moved to Salta, where she lived for ten years, directing an international program with the EU, Project ALFA. She researched themes of social and economic convergence, inequality and poverty in Argentine regions, thereby becoming closely acquainted with Andean artisans and their handicraft techniques. Adriana then moved to Europe, to take up a scholarship for a PhD, examining the growing inequality between regions of Argentina.

Together with a group of like-minded people, Adriana successfully promoted hand-crafted products in Spain. Realising the true socio-economic impact of this venture gave her the conviction to lead her own social project.

Having developed fifteen years of valuable experience, Adriana brought to life three complementary organizations: The 'Ethical Fashion Forum Latin America' that promotes a holistic response to the fashion process in order to meet present needs without compromising future generations. Then, the NGO 'Hecho x [por] Nosotros', a grassroots not-for-profit that works with artisans across the entire length of the Andes to recover their ancestral techniques and adapting them to the needs and quality criteria of modern customers, and finally the social enterprise Animanà that exports Ethical Chic from the Andes and Patagonia to the world.