Adriana Castillo

Fresno CA

I have worked in the media arts and fine art industries for over 10 years now. Both industries have allowed me to strive with in various fields of study, holding degrees in Animation, Graphic Design, Illustration and Web Design. I have worked for companies such as Nordstrom, Xerox and Apple and for the past 5 years I worked as a freelance Animator / Illustrator for various startup companies ranging from Human Resources to eLearning, Social Media and Gaming with in the Bay Area and Central Valley. Currently I freelance as an Illustrator, work as a Fine Artist in Mexico City. Fluent in English and Spanish Flash Animation Concept Art Character Development Storyboarding Illustration Graphic Design Web Design

  • Work
    • Freelance Animator
  • Education
    • BS in Media Arts and Animation
    • Certificate in Multimedia and Web Design
    • AAA in Graphic Design