Adriana Cogdill

Houston, Texas, United States

I am a student at Indiana University aspiring to receive my degree in marketing along side with a Spanish and public relations minor. I have always been social and outgoing when it comes to communicating with people. Not only can I communicate in English but in Spanish as well since I am a native speaker. I worked at J. Crew this past summer and I had the highest sales throughout the entire store because of my good people skills and motivation for high sales. Something I have always prided myself in is my positive attitude and I hope to bring my optimism into my work atmosphere. I really saw the importance of optimism through helping a club named Best Buddies; it was a great program that showed me a lot about perspective. Overall I am very excited to learn more about this exciting field that I feel very passionate about. The goal is to graduate Kelley and attend Notre Dame for grad school while working and interning at companies that help further my education and knowledge in the business world.

  • Education
    • Indiana University Bloomington