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Adriana O'Connor

Heyy im adriana but you can call me Adi thats that all my frineds all me. I love music i dont know what i would do without it, im alway listeing to it every chance i get. I love mostly everyone im pretty easy to get alone am VERY shy at first then once you get to know me im not. I can get mad easily with somethings but other then that im pretty nice. My friends are everything to me and i will do anything to help them or defend them i would die for them. I dont like people that judge other by looks orentation weight ect.I can be very emotional at times. Most of my friends say i need a boyfrined cuz they all have one but i alway tell them i dont really want one cuz i have friends and i wanna focuse on them and no one else at the moment. I wear glasses and i have braces and i kinda hate it but all my frined say im pretty but somtimes i dont agree with them. When my frineds are sad or just not in a good mood i can alway make them laugh no matter what the problem is and i can alway make them feel better. Well thats me and im not gonna be changing anytime soon :)))