Adriana Vasilescu

Toronto, Canada

I operationalize and lead large global, international or local programs or projects - setting up new areas of activity or transforming existing ones. I know how to scale the approach to the specific needs of the organization, based on its current and desired state, and how to help teams move quickly and intelligently through the entire change lifecycle.

Global mindset and ability to think across disciplines, industries, cultures and scenarios.

My mission: Reduce entropy, move things forward, develop people

Personal values: Integrity, respect for others, and making a difference

What I am most proud of: the people I helped at key moments to advance towards achieving their potential.

And why this background picture? It's me, stopping from my swim to wave. I can swim long distances, in my own, non-standard but effective style. I am not afraid of the river - I actually find how to merge into its rhythm, and this helps my swim. And I deeply enjoy every moment of it. All these - just like with my work.