Adrian Alexis

Nyc, New York

I am a self-proclaimed "SCHOCK-Rocker" musician who creates and performs his/her own music; writer, artist, painter, photographer, mathematician and create movies with high def. video cameras. My taste in music is eclectic. I listen 2 and can play most contemporary genres.
Before my musical career, I have been an RN, phlebotomist, and electrical engineer and was successful in a number of blue-collar professions & CEO of two separate parent companies. I have several college degrees but mastered in mathematics (MIT). In addition, I am very into computer science and the Internet. I am a voracious reader, studying roughly speaking two nonfiction books a week.

I am currently working on a musical album tentatively entitled "Cover ov DARKness” I spend a disproportionate amount of time working in my home audio recording studio.
My goal for 2114 is to create a solid presence of my works on the internet.
I hope that this epistle finds you and yours both healthy and in high spirits.

Adrian Alexis

Fortes: Music and music articulation, free radicals in fundamental creation, an overzealous mindset for extrapolating the quantum physical horizon. Futurist disseminating the “Knowledge & Spirituality” of the coming millennium. John 10:34 “Don’t you know that ye are Gods”?

I'm not dead yet - 2014.

- Wax to Unity,

Adrian Alexis

Evangelization of the gospels of our future-selves.

  • Work
    • Professional Musician
  • Education
    • 9 years higher education
    • World traveler