Adrián Álvarez

My name is Adrian Alvarez, I’m 38 years old and I am a traveler by heart. Until this moment, my traveler curriculum tells that I’ve been in 85 countries. My first international trip was to Italy as an exchange student, almost twenty years ago, and since then, I could not stop traveling around the world. Three years later I moved to New York, where I worked as a tour guide. During my stay in North America, I had the opportunity to visit the most amazing places on the planet, learn the culture of different states, their way of life, their working styles and their gastronomy. Since I started my traveling journey, I haven’t stopped discovering new places. I’m always thinking about my next destination. To be honest, I’m lucky to turn my passion for travelling into my lifestyle.I am a blogger because I like to share my travel experiences and talk to other travellers about all the landscapes of the world yet to be discovered. Because of that, I decided to write my own blog six years ago. My blog, “Adrian’s corner” is a specialized site about travels, where I talk about the culture, sights and experiences in the different countries I have visited. I’m actually working for the Lonely Planet Magazine and I make photo reports around the world. My job has allowed me to travel internationally looking for the most unique images and wonderful local places. As a Lonely Planet reporter, I have traveled to every continent: From the African Savannah and safaris in Kenya to Red Square, Kremlin or St. Basil’s Cathedral, in Moscow. But, if there is a place that I consider myself as an expert, it is South America: My work has allowed me to get the critical eye and admire the wonders of nature in this part of the world: Travel to Easter Island or the Geyser Tatio in Chile; the spectacular landscape of Iguazu Falls; Titicaca Lake (located between Bolivia and Peru); the natural treasures of the Talampaya National Park in Argentina, or the Noel Kempff Market National Park in Bolivia. My last report is a special edition focused on the amazing landscapes of Fernando Noronha, in Brazil. I am also content editor and coordinator in and Moreover, I work at the National Geographic Channel, doing several reports from the North Pole and Siberia. Occasionally, I participate in corporate blogs such as Easyjet, HomeAway and Carrefour-Travels providing information about direct and indirect flights, ways of organizing and planning a trip, official documen