Adrian and Kat Rodriguez

We have intentionally designed our life around those things which fuel our passion. We enjoy visiting galleries, studios and artisan gatherings. Seeing other's creative work not only fuels our love for unique artisan objects but also inspires our own creative endeavors. We are rarely found without a camera bag or a satchel, containing journal and sketching pencils, thrown over our shoulders.

Evenings are often spent making delicious meals using the best quality ingredients we can find, much coming from our own urban farm. These meals are enjoyed slowly and most likely accompanied by a glass of Chardonnay.

Fortunately we balance our love of a good meal with plenty of athletic adventures. A great day includes a morning run or mountain bike ride followed by leisurely brunch at a local cafe. The afternoon may be spent doing a lake swim, paddle board session or yoga class.

We enjoy sharing our artisan finds, recipes, farm and fitness adventures with you here and at our store,