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5 steps to a heart in top condition
Unhealthy resist temptations
To keep the heart and blood vessels in good condition is a healthy lifestyle is important. We know that, but we always fail to resist. Unhealthy temptations

the five-step plan of medical psychologist Bart Théoden got it!
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A good friend is suddenly in hospital after a heart attack. Or the neighbor had a stroke. Then you think: I do not want to go I've got to really live

healthier, quit smoking , do something about my overweight ... You start enthusiastically, whether after a few weeks to see that your good intentions are

killed one by one.
For your heart
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How do we go wrong habits, then? Medical psychologist Bart Théoden: "I see a lot of people trying to change their lifestyle willpower If it fails, they say."

I was not motivated enough "But that's not necessarily as they were probably better.. Need to think about. “The trick is really to fit into your life

changes. If you want to achieve something, you first need to make concrete and feasible intentions. That is the first step. For example, you want to eat

healthier, but how do you do that? By eating less fat and drink less alcohol Or to eat more fruit Every day or only on weekends? "