adrian arrindell

Born in Frankfort, Germany on April 23, 1986, but raised in Atlanta since age two, Adrian began his college career as he developed a passion for psychology wanting to council people. Psychology was his major while attending Georgia Perimeter College and Clayton State University graduating with an associates degree and bachelors degree. As a result of his spiritual growth, Adrian discovered he had a passion for children and other cultures; being an active member at his church, he began volunteering with children back in 2010. Later, Adrian became a member of BCM (Bible Colegent Ministries) while attending Clayton State. This experience gave him a chance to interact with people from other cultures especially traveling to different communities doing missions work which included working with refugees at a center called Family Heritage Center where Adrian tutors children, provides homework assistance, and teaches ESL to adults.

Currently, Adrian attends Strayer University, pursuing a Masters degree in education. Since working with refugees and engaging in martial arts, Adrian finds it rewarding, as his passion with other cultures grows. With Adrian's education skills and knowledge he acquired from working with people from various backgrounds, Adrian plan sto continue his work with other cultures. During his lesure time, Adrian loves to practice martial arts, excercise, hang with friends, watch HGTV and martial arts movies, read his bible and meditate.