Adriana Stefanatos

Sydney, Australia

I'm a Sydney based writer who occasionally blogs on My main gig is studying a Bachelor of Commerce (Liberal Studies) (what even is Liberal Studies?) at the University of Sydney, majoring in Marketing and Government + International Relations with a minor in French and International Business (I'm really into this whole international thing - can you tell?!) I'm also a makeup fanatic. I do makeup on a not so frequent basis. Sometimes I get paid for it (I know, getting paid to do makeup. Awesome gig or WHAT?!)

I don't really know what is. I think it's just another hit for when potential employers google my name. Should I mention my name again for SEO? Adriana Stefanatos. Now I'm just namedropping that I know what SEO is. Does it count if I name drop myself? Who knows.

  • Education
    • University of Sydney
    • Monte Sant' Angelo Mercy College