Adriana Vaccaro

CEO and Founder in United States

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Adriana Vaccaro SHRM SCP is the Founder and CEO of Culture Redesigned, a culture strategy outfit dedicated to helping executive leaders foster inclusivity in the workplace. Vaccaro is backed by extensive experience as a culture strategist and professional in Human Resources. She proudly specializes in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and works diligently to develop DEI training and consulting that is effective, productive and positive for the whole team.

Adriana Vaccaro, CEO and Founder of Culture Redesigned, is an expert in organizational culture. She has translated her skills to meet the direct needs of professional teams striving to establish an inclusive workplace and positive workplace culture. Vaccaro and Culture Redesigned’s brand of culture consulting focuses on concepts such as inclusion, safe spaces and inclusive leadership. Together, the culture strategists work with professional teams to ensure that these concepts not only strengthen the group, but remain at the heart of every team.