Customs and procedures in Mexico are completely different to those at home. Even for people who have some command of the Spanish language, accomplishing simple tasks can be confusing and complex.

Riviera Maya Expat Services & Solutions worked with expats in Buenos Aires, Argentina for many years. Guiding walking tours, teaching Spanish and helping expats to find their homes for relocation or temporary rentals.

Riviera Maya Expat Services & Solutions worked with Michael Koh (Apartments BA) and with Nadia Binesh (BBI Argentina). (See recommendations in LinkedIn)

With Riviera Maya Expat Services & Solutions you can save time, money, stress and worries.

Riviera Maya Expat Services & Solutions can assist you in all kinds of situations:

*Dental tourism

*Visa Renewals

*Opening Bank accounts

*House Hunting ( Rentals and Purchases )

*Finding the right local school for you or your children

*Getting a Driving License

*Starting procedures to get phone, cell phone, cable TV, internet, and any kind of utility service in your new home

*Introducing you to reliable English speaking consultants, physicians, lawyers, accountants, architects, contractors, plumbers, electricians, painters, etc.

*Learning Spanish

*Getting a Senior Discount Card

*Managing properties

*Supervising construction or repair work and/or taking care of your house while you are out of town

*Obtaining Health, Property, Automovile Insurance

*Any kind of procedure or phone call thet requires the use of Spanish.

Our values are:

• Experience
• Professionalism
• Efficiency
• Honesty
• Responsability