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Adrian Brink

Adrian Brink is currently an undergraduate student in Business Studies at Cass Business School in London.

He is involved in University life in various ways. The first is, that he is a course representative for his 150 fellow students. In this role he acts as the connection between the student body and the head of Business Studies.

Furthermore he also sits on a committee, which is responsible for the redesign of the rooms in City University.

Outside University he is a leadership role in AIESEC, in which he manages a team of seven people and leads them in the area of Business Development for AIESEC. AIESEC is an international student organisation which aims to promote cultural understanding through exchange.

In his free time he is an enthusiastic sportsman with a focus on swimming and life guarding. In addition he is also a very keen poker player, both live and online, where he mainly plays NL HM SH cashgames.