Adrian Cauguiran

Adrian Cauguiran

My name is Adrian Cauguiran , I'm a 17 year old

technology enthusiast, entrepeneur, blogger.

I'm the former owner of Tech-World and current owner of DigitalDojos.

I aim to help those new and veterans in the field of technology from

how to & tutorials to product reviews.


5 Million+ Views world wide via Youtube

7k+ subscribers via Youtube

2nd most subscribed (Science/Tech Japan)

Current Projects:

DigitalDojos - Web network where we aim to provide

the latest in tech-news, reviews and tutorials for the new

and advanced technology users.

Providing web content for a web 2.0 generation .


- DojoCast (Weekly Tech-News)

-Digest90 ( 90 second news review)

-Appitizer (Weekly App review/news show)


For business/personel inquires