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Adrian Casas Treviño

I am Adrian Casas Treviño, born and raised inMonterrey México. Work actively in many projects such as Interacción DigitalIberoamericana which we develop BPO services to media, marketing and creativeagencies. I am also a teacher at thePrepa Tec Garza Lagüera in Digital Expression courses. As my previous job was related to teaching andApple; I am true believer of the 21st Century students require inthis new digital world and always related to technology my learning.

I consider myself a heavy user of technology, Iuse a Windows Phone, Android Phone and iOS Phone; almost all running betaversions of their OS (always looking for the new stuff). Strong user of technology, which I believeit, does give us the empowerment to do more and better.

Some of my favorites hobbies are the gym,playing American football, also photography and graphic design.