Adrian Chira

Adrian Chira believes everybody can and has to be successful, that there is a field in which we all can excel. We were born like this but we have unlearned to focus our efforts on what we love to do. Instead we were taught to be average in a multitude of domains that we do not like and we do not master. Adrian uses his creativity, his experience gathered in running two consecutive mergers of large banks, his cross industry knowledge and his education to help emerging leaders focus on their unique strengths. Personal expertise from Medicine to Banking Adrian has a unique background. With 10+ years on marketing, he started a couple of businesses, flipped some others, sold them for profit, worked as a medical doctor, worked in pharmaceutical and financial industries where he climbed up the corporate ladder to executive positions. After being in charge for merging the retail business of three banks and holding executive positions for 2 of the top ten banks in Romania, Adrian launched his professional consulting business to help other people become successful and live happier lives. Expertise backed by solid education Adrian experience is backed up by his outstanding academic education. He holds an MBA, 2 degrees in Medicine and Computer Sciences, completed with valuable international trainings and certifications in Vienna, London, Athens or Bucharest on Inbound Marketing, Branding and Advertising, and Creative Leadership to name just a few. With his history background and expertise, Adrian now dedicates his focus on developing Eastern European leaders to a higher level of success and fulfillment by creatively leveraging their unique strengths. Adrian Chira is also a certified Inbound Marketing Professional, Personal Branding and Online ID Strategist.