Adrian Cho

With over twenty-six years as a leader in software development and over ten years as a jazz musician, conductor, and bandleader, Adrian Cho has a unique perspective on leadership, collaboration, innovation and agility gained from managing two successful parallel careers and combining them into a third pursuit. In software development, Adrian has extensive experience leading both small and large-scale, global, agile projects from concept to delivery. He is currently working at Shopify where he is helping the engineering team to evolve their culture, process, and tools to be more effective at scale. This includes accelerating the decision-making process for product investments, launches, and pivots, evolving the toolchain to support the team’s ways of working, coaching leaders and teams, and scaling R&D programs such as hiring, on-boarding, and training. Previously at IBM, in the Cloud unit, Adrian managed development of cloud-based analytics across the BizDevOps pipeline to improve developer productivity and operational excellence, integrating with IBM’s Bluemix, Softlayer, and DevOps services, and other non-IBM and open source tools. In IBM’s Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure brand, Adrian helped deliver SaaS offerings of IBM service management products at the Service Engage portal while leading a cross-organization project to deliver Collaborative Operations, a collaborative solution that integrates IBM and third-party service management solutions across the hybrid cloud. In IBM’s Rational brand he was an evangelist for Continuous Delivery and DevOps; he led a strategic initiative across IBM software group brands to improve online engagement with developers; he managed a complex, globally distributed, agile software development project coordinating contributions from over four hundred people at twenty-five locations in ten countries; and, he managed intellectual property for IBM’s open source, Eclipse, and open commercial development, Jazz, initiatives, helping to establi