Adrian Concepcion

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

I'm Adrian Concepcion, friends call me AID or A.C. I don't usually speak to people who talks a lot not because I don't want to it's just because I want a serious talking. I don't wanna hear dramas from the others I'm tired of it. I want them to listen to my drama. Yes, I have dramas in life but I got no listener.

I'll be the nicest person you'll know if you'll do the same thing to me. I don't like wasting my day to people who is not worth of my time. I'm weird I know but this WEIRDNESS of me can be your medicine for a happy day.

I smile a lot. It's the only thing I know that I can do to hide my emotions. I don't care what others say behind my back because that's where they really have to stay.. BEHIND MY BACK.