Adrian Hernandez

Adrian Hernandez

Drama Student - Universidad El Bosque.

I am interested in learning the art of conveying to the public stories through acting and recreamiento of historical characters, for consientizar somehow thought the public. I am very pleased the ages preceding ours, I feel that they have some purity is lost with the passing of the years until this day, my favorite music is from the 70s to the 90s ballad genre romance.

Work experience as an actor in presentations to different audiences, the image of my profile is a small sample of the work that interprets as Mr. Jenkins and mr Hyde in a photoshoot interpreting a subject with distinct personalities.

Through my career I am always analyzing and learning from the people around me, it helps me to perform better on stage. I am interested in learning English because it is the most spoken language in the world and is important for my career master to perfection.

My goal is to be a great actor and work in the US earning a good salary for doing what I like.

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