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Adrian Durning

Asheville, North Carolina Entrepreneur to the MAX! been living in the mountains of North Carolina Loving life and living the Dreams that many people have and dont bother going after them. I want to find those people and help them realize that they are worth something and there time and valuable! people deserve FREEDOM and I want to help them wake from there world that may or may not have much of that in it. What I do is take people from desperation and transform them into certain Confidence to do something BIGGER and BETTER with themselves and their families and loved ones. I LOVE caring for other people and pursuing PROSPERITY and FREEDOM based values, LIFE is GOOD and is what you make it. Stay connected with me on my FaceBook FanPage here:

  • Work
    • Adrian Durning - #TAGR Mastermind
  • Education
    • Penncrest High School
    • Delaware County Community College