Adriane Earley

Hello! My name is Adriane Earley, and I am a freshman student now majoring in Health Sciences. During my freshman survey course I have been assigned many self-enlightening assignments and topics! My favorites, that gave me the most insight or entertainment, were the StrengthsQuest, Degree Auditing and the First Year Success Series.

In the StrengthsQuest assignment my course was instructed to take an online test to assess our strengths. My greatest strength was empathy. I always knew I had a knack for emotions, and have always been quite observing of them in others, so it was quite rewarding to see this affirmed. I like my strength of empathy because it allows me to relate to people by emotion. I also enjoyed seeing my other strengths, because it made me feel more focused on my strong points rather than my weaker ones for once. My strength of empathy, and my other top strengths, have grown over the last semester as I have made friends, connected with faculty and professionals. Empathy also corresponds well to entering the health care field, I will be responsible for attending to others and their health, and I will need to know or pick up on they feel to make healing quicker or less painful. I hope to keep learning from my weaknesses and to build on my strengths in the future.

During the semester I was also quite fond of doing degree auditing in class. Degree auditing allowed me to not only plan out my upcoming semesters but allowed me to see which classes I could take or was open to take. I may have never considered taking a psychology class for a writing credit! Degree auditing also allowed me to see requirements for particular majors, especially when I switched majors; when I was Nutrition Sciences my requirements were quite different than my now requirements for Health Sciences. Degree auditing is a great tool to have in college because if my education is in my owns hands I want to make the best and most educated decisions for myself.

My favorite requirement for freshman survey were the First Year Success Series workshops or lectures. These were the most insightful and helpful information sessions a freshman could have. From the stress/ anxiety workshop that taught me how to relax and cope with the stresses of college, to the workshop on off campus housing, which taught me how to search for apartments/ sign leases. All the info sessions I took taught me something valuable about campus, classes or in the future