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Adrian Gomez

I am Adrian Gomez a current student at Arizona State University working on my Masters in Education. I played baseball as a left-handed relief pitcher for the Arizona State Sun Devils. My wife, Corinne, baby Coco, and I came to ASU from the University of Washington to work on my Masters in Education, pursue a secondary teaching career, and chase the childhood dream of playing professional baseball. I graduate in December of 2012 with my MEd. and I am excited to find the right high school to teach at where I can use my creativity to help make that particular school and its students the best in the nation. I have learned through my life that hard work, dedication, and a love for what you do can take you places you only dreamed about. These lessons I hope to be able to convey to my future students and school to show them my profound love for the Spanish language and the future doors that can be opened if they become fluent.

Check out this video about my goals and aspirations of being a teacher and what has gotten me there.

Estoy orguloso de que he soleccionado la carrera de educación. Palabras no pueden expresar mis emociones de afán y anhelo hasta que consigo mi primero trabajo como maestro de español por el año 2013-2014. No sé donde lo será, pero estoy animado.