Adrian Francis

My name is Adrian. Francis. I am a Sr, Consultant with Booz Allen Hamilton I am passionate about technology, to be more specific; networking technology (Wireless, Personal broadcasting), and would like to learn more in this field. Some of my hobbies are editing amateur video and mixing tracks for fun. I like to fix computers and try new things with configurations on my web server. I manage my own website from home, which I use to get access to information and various files. I like spending time with my wife and three little girls they keep me sane. I like watching movies with, action, suspense, thriller and comedy. I have many goals both short and long term, and education plays a big part in them. I have a Bachelors Degree in Information Technology and currently working on my Masters. I like knowing how things work, understanding what they are made up of, and why they do what they do. Networking to me is a very interesting part of technology, everything dealing with networking down to the very science. It is what fuels communication, and what will continue to fuel it in the future. I want to better myself through education, and I have no plans to make the Navy a career. Doing what I love to do and to do it well, I think would be very fulfilling. Everything in life is a learning experience.