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Adrian F. Peter

Student, blogger, and Personal Trainer in Sheffield, Regatul Unit al Marii Britanii şi Irlandei de Nord

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I have never taken life quite seriously and lived under the impression that a mystic force would guide me to success. To be honest, I was quite lucky and never experienced big failures.

Due to poor mentality I have denied myself the right to follow the path I craved for, but now I have taken a step towards changing my course from BA International Relations to BA Philosophy, Religion and Ethics.

Even though I am not a person that believes in meaningless work, I have given sense to my job in retail as a means of financing my knowledge, my education. Coming from a mid-to-low economy, it wasn't necessarily easy for my parents to provide, so I thought I would give them a hand. However, this kind of work is not enough for me, and working in a corporation will never satisfy my spirit. In order to give my struggle not only meaning, but a vision, I have taken interest in entrepreneurship and business start ups. My next move will probably be towards funding my business and thus, creating a presence in this ephemeral existence.

  • Education
    • University of Essex