Adrian Havenga

London, United Kingdom.

Well, hello there. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

My name is Adrian Havenga - as you probably know already, and I've recently discovered a love for reading and writing; this mostly thanks to my darling wife.

I love reading crime and thriller books (favourite authors include John Grisham and James Patterson) and I absolutely adore CI (Crime and Investigation network) although I struggle to write thriller or crime stories. My musings always end up being funny (I'll let you be the judge though). This doesn't bother me as I've had a handful of people read my unfinished book and they've liked it. It has to be said that I've only revealed it to family and close friends but I still cherish their thoughts.

Let's see, I have a cat that misbehaves a lot and I live in a 2-bedroom flat in London. I love hanging out with my wife, just the two of us, watching our favourite TV shows and "pounding grape" (drinking wine) - That's a little hint at one of the shows. Of course we both enjoy quiet reading time as well. Oh yes, Richard Castle is another of my favourite authors. Another TV-show hint ;)

I'm going to stop for now and let you enjoy the rest of your tour.

My warmest regards (in winter); otherwise

Just regards


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