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adriani zulivan

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Social media enthusiast who loves Indonesian heritage. Her study background on Social Development interact her to cultural and social life. She travels to many places in Indonesia and write her travel story in her personal blog.

She manages several numbers of social media accounts of community organizations devoted to social activism. Since 2010, she was one of the Administrator of @jalinmerapi, a local initiative of social media use to support disaster risk reduction in the volcanic eruption of Merapi in Central Java, Indonesia. Today, this system becomes a model for the use of social media and information technology for disaster risk reduction on national level.

Together with Elanto Wijoyono, in the beginning of 2012, she builds Indonesian Heritage Inventory, an initiative to optimise the use of social media as a function of data collecting and information processing about the latest situation of heritage in Indonesian.

  • Education
    • Social Development, Universitas Gadjah Mada