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Adrian Kitchin

Currently Managing Director and prior to that General Manager of Operations for Insurance Advisernet Australia and New Zealand, I have been at the forefront of initiatives that have developed internal controls, driven widespread operational change, tightened internal cost controls, and delivered the type of growth that met and frequently surpassed expectations—even throughout the global financial crisis.

My legal background, combined with proven strengths in restructuring operations and refining strategy long-term, has served to drive exponential revenue growth and cut costs. I have a broad range of experience that spans entrepreneurial successes, start-up operations, corporate environments and small-to-medium enterprises.


Distinguished from other senior financial executives for the high degree of personal commitment I invest in my role, I am passionate about delivering results; passionate about the company I work for, and the people I work with. Persuasive and enthusiastic, I have an outstanding record for influencing people to buy in—for a course of action, a recommended strategy, or in instilling trust and credibility among suppliers, third-party companies and clients.