Adrian Korek

Youth is happy because it has the capacity to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old - Kafka

Timişoara, Romania, 3.1.1978

Phone: +40721907468


Studied: Acting '06/'09 & Journalism '97/'02

Working as: Actor/Thespis Theatre Coordinator

Languages: English, Italian, German, French

Film Acting:

2012-The Client in CasaRusu Ad -

2008 - The Drunk Man in the short The Hat, D: T. Fruhmorgen (Berlin) -

2009 - Petre Stoica in documentary Petre Stoica–On Banality, D: N. Zambori -

2010 - Prince Cuza of Romania in documentary E. de Savoya Street (min.1) by Gh.Şfaiţer -

2009 - appearance in Italo-Romanian coproduction La soluzione migliore, D: L. Mazzieri

Theatre Acting:

Romanian Theatre of Vršac (Yugoslavia) 2011 – Jozef K. in The Process by F. Kafka, Dir: B. Draşkovici;

Independent Theatre„StudioArt” 2011 – Wesley in Sexing the cherry by K. Stuart, D: J. Corrales; 2010 – Leonardo in Blood Wedding by F. G. Llorca, D: S. Văcărescu

National Theatre Timişoara: 2011 - The Cat in Pinocchio by C. Collodi, D: M. Puia; 2008 – The Dark Boy in The Park by B. Strauss, D: S. Iordănescu; '99 – Cirac in Ubu Rege by A. Jarry, D: Stefano de Luca; '98 – Guard in The Devils by J. Whiting, D: L. Kovacs; 1995 – Lord Say in Henric VI by W. Shakespeare, D: I. Ieremia

German State Theatre: 2011 – Prisoner/Revolutionar in Don Carlos by F. Schiller, D: Al. Hausvater; 2006 – Mr. Martin in The Bald Singer by E. Ionescu, D: Suto Andras

Hungarian State Theatre: 2007 – Doctor/TV Director in Little shop of horrors