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Adrian McGarry

Greater Manchester UK

I love to create images. I am a full-time professional graphic designer and photographer based in the North West of England, UK. I am really lucky that I have built a career that includes so much of my hobby and leisure interests and I pray that my luck continues!

Pixel Painted Art

I have created digital art for over twenty years. The ability to further express myself beyond the capture of a photographic image is becoming more apparent in my work. Whilst my earlier creations were never destined to be shared with the world, I did gain an appreciation of what this then emerging technology had to offer. These days, digital art is becoming a recognised art-form, many leading graphic artists are creating work solely on a computer. I refer to my images that I have enhanced, re-created or embellished with software such as Corel Painter or Photoshop as 'Pixel Painted'. My images are usually a transformation of one or more of my photographs and sometimes are a fusion of multiple elements from my shots. I don't run one-stop painting filters or apps on the images, I prefer recreating the image from scratch and building textures from within rather than letting computer algorithms decide.

My inspiration is taken from traditional artists. Over the years I have painted in oils, acrylic and watercolour but never with much success. The magic of the traditional artist will never be replaced.

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    • Digital Artist & Photographer