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Adrian Morley

British designer Adrian Morley has been working in the professional design industry for two decades and was one of the first in the UK to enjoy a BA degree course, at Wolverhampton University, specialising in multi-media with study classes from leading USA multi-media experts.

In 1992 his formal design career began at Helix the international stationery organisation. Adrian was a key designer in launching highly successful nationwide licensed product ranges for Pepsi, Friends, Warner Bros and more. In 1995 at Helix he began his journey into online website design.

After launching a fully interactive children’s website for Helix in 1999 Adrian took up the position of New Media Designer at Plus Two Studio a small design studio specialising in the Music and Extreme Sports industries. It was at Plus Two Studio where his full creative interactive website and progressive graphic design work would flourish.

In 2001 Adrian joined the BAR Honda Formula One Team, as Graphic Designer, working under the leadership of both Craig Pollock and also David Richards (Prodive & Aston Martin Racing). Here Adrian worked for the Business Development and Marketing departments, helping to secure a number of high profile sponsorship deals for the team.

Adrian was also a key member of the radical BAR Honda ‘Pure Racing’ rebrand project working with a London Creative Director of Tango and First Direct fame. It was through this process that he learned first hand the power and depth of successful branding.

In February 2003 Adrian realised his dream and launched The Seen. A multi-disciplined award-winning creative design business specialising in Brand Experiences, Graphic and Website Design.

Since it's launch a number of well known names have joined The Seen client list including: Aston Martin Racing, The Cherwell Schools Group, Honda Racing F1 Team, Drayson Racing, UK Trade and Investment and more.