Adrian Muñoz

Vilablareix Girona Spain

Audiovisual producer & entrepreneur in on-line marketing. Specialized in Video-Marketing on Youtube. Coursera's huge fan! Currently working as a freelancer as Chief Marketing Officer in TAMESOL.

Due my 2 years life experience living, studying and working in Miami (Florida), I'm looking forward to go back and settle myself there and start my own agency.

I have my own youtube channel about entrepreneurship named "el Vlog del Emprendedor (Entrepreneur's Vlog)", for which I've won the 2013 Creative Young Entrepreneur Award (CYEA) from the Junior Chamber International (JCI Catalonia).

I beliveve there's possible to make your dreams come true as long as you are willing to work hard and put your mind in to it, because.... the rain it's the only thing falling down from the sky.

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  • Work
    • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Education
    • Universitat de Girona
    • Google's Youtube Creators Academy
    • Wharton School
    • Northwestern University
    • Miami Dade College