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Adrian Patel-Delaloye

Small Business Owner in Sedona, Arizona

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Nariveda was started in Sedona, Arizona by father and son duo Nirmal Yogi and Adrian Patel-Delaloye. Nariveda has its roots in Rasayana Ayurveda—a powerful holistic health system that has been healing minds and bodies, naturally, for thousands of years. As a highly trained organic chemist, our founder Nirmal Yogi saw the distinct advantages of combining the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with the advances of modern science.

Nariveda uses the latest clinical research and responsible manufacturing methods to develop the highest quality products available. Even though the selection of herbs and botanicals we use in each formula are guided by eons-old Ayurvedic principles, the efficacy and optimal dosage of our ingredients are verified by state-of-the art modern medical testing. We carefully process raw materials to preserve their chemical complexity, purity, and power to achieve very noticeable results.