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Adrianna Thompson

As a University of North Texas (Denton) college student, I am answering your post of inviting new staff to your team. I believe I can offer your company an unusual mix of abilities, talents, and enthusiasm. For instance: • My on track focus of completing a B.A. in Journalism; minor in Psychology, will prove my willingness to assume more than the typical level of responsibility; as well as survive in a challenging environment. • After completing my Associates of Arts field of study Mass Communication/Journalism, I acquired in-depth computer skills and a profound belief of strong, effective communication in today’s growing entrepreneurial world. • To finance my education, I planned, and worked strategically to save every penny to receive proper, consistent schooling. I have great ideas, good work ethic and unquestionable judgments while making important decisions. • Salary requirements: $30,000.00-40,000.00